The POWERflow, copper unvented hot water cylinder is built to deliver superior mains pressure simultaneously for showers, sinks and wash hand basins.


It has revolutionised new build and refurbishment schemes, bringing greater flexibility, increased cost effectiveness and much improved performance.
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The ECOflow copper heat pump unvented cylinder is designed to enhance the performance of Heat Pumps which are increasingly popular as people look to reduce their costs and emissions.


Copper hot water cylinders have been widely recognised as the best and most cost effective solution to use in conjunction with heat pump systems regardless of whether it is an air or ground source.
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STEELflow offers a range of high performance unvented cylinders for those on a budget.


Manufactured from premium grade duplex stainless steel, STEELflow unvented cylinders are produced with McDonald Water Storage uncompromising efficiency and quality standards.
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