Bespoke thermal store for heating and hot water

Our new ELECTRAflow is an integrated heating and hot water thermal store, powered by immersion elements and controlled by a new and improved purpose designed controller.

ELECTRAflow provides the comfort and convenience from the most customisable electric wet central heating and hot water solution for apartment applications, with each unit bespoke designed to meet the homeowners installation requirements.

The thermal store unit offers the optimum flexibility, suiting all electricity tariffs, and available in a cylinder format or space saving rectangular option.

Unlike electric central heating boilers, the ELECTRAflow is an off-peak thermal store, specifically designed to utilise the off peak electricity tariffs, a major benefit in the SAP calculations, whilst also contributing to the property achieving an EPC rating of C in either new build or renovation projects.

If you are looking to utilise flexible electricity tariffs, see our ELECTRAstore range for the perfect solution.

  • Provides wet central heating
  • Mains pressure hot water with scald protection
  • Maximises benefit of off-peak electricity tariffs
  • Bespoke designed to suit the installation
  • Available in cylinder or space saving tank configurations
  • No annual maintenance
  • No discharge pipework providing flexibility of installation
  • Sealed heating coil
  • Heating expansion vessel
  • Heating system pump
  • Framework to support the rectangular tank option
  • Spray foam insulation available
  • Combination cylinder or cylinder with separate F&E tank
  • New design compact & easy to use
  • 7 day programmable timer for heating comfort
  • Economy 7 and 10 off-peak tariffs pre-programmed
  • Room thermostat included
  • Easily Integrated Control for Heating Pump and Room Thermostat
  • Store temperature controlled by PT1000 sensor
  • 2 Year Guarantee

When contacting us to discuss which type of electric water heating system is most suitable for you, please specify the following:

  • Property Heat Load in kW
  • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Proposed Electrical Tariff
  • Sealed or Open Vented Heating System
  • Available Space
The ELECTRAflow is an energy efficient wet central heating system for all your electric water heating requirements, and provides a perfect alternative to electric central heating boilers. It is available in either a standard cylinder, combination cylinder or space saving tank format, please specify the format required, or see the ELECTRAflow literature for further information.
For a guide to electric central heating boilers sizing and dimensions simply visit our sizing page. In addition to our standard sizes we offer a bespoke service creating tailored central heating units so you don’t need to compromise.

Is the ELECTRAflow thermal store vented or pressurised?

The ELECTRAflow is an open vented cylinder/tank therefore not pressurised. When the water held inside the store heats up, it will expand, however the expansion is accommodated in the feed and expansion tank located at the top of the unit.

Do I need to have the ELECTRAflow serviced annually like a gas boiler or unvented cylinder?

As the ELECTRAflow thermal store is open vented, it does not require an annual safety check or service.

The mains pressure hot water from the ELECTRAflow is delivered via the internal coil and the temperature is controlled by the blending valve, preventing any risk of scalding.

However in the case of an unvented cylinder, it is pressurised, therfore there are essential annual safety checks to be carried out to ensure the safety of these types of products.

Can I use the ELECTRAflow thermal store for central heating?

Yes, the ELECTRAflow can provide heat to the central heating system. This can either be an open vented system, circulating the water from the cylinder round the central heating system or sealed heating system via in internal heat exchanger.

Is the ELECTRAflow thermal store suitable for use with off peak electricity tariffs?

The ELECTRAflow is suitable for use with either standard, Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariffs.

It is supplied with a specifically designed controller allowing for the charge times to be set in conjunction with the available off peak times, or scheduled on standard tariff rates to suit the homeowners requirements. 

Are the ELECTRAflow products bespoke designed?

The ELECTRAflow is available with standard tapping configurations, however we appreciate these layouts do not suit all applications.

Therefore all ELECTRAflow products can be bespoke designed to suit the installation requirements, whether it is a slimline model due to space restrictions or simply moving tappings to reduce installation time and costs.

Our focus is very much on the manufacture of copper hot water cylinders and tanks. Copper provides fantastic benefits including;

  • Ability to kill 99% of bacteria including Ecoli and legionella
  • One of the most efficient conductors of heat
  • Significantly more flexible for manufacturing than other materials
  • Long lifespan due to its amazing resistance to corrosion
  • 100% recyclable


For further information see our brochure The Ultimate Supermetal or visit our Copper Facts page.