Electric wet central heating system

ELECTRAflow is an integrated wet central heating and hot water thermal store providing:

  • The comfort and convenience of wet central heating and hot water (for a wide range of properties – new housing, multi-storey buildings, rural housing and areas with no natural gas supply)
  • A cost effective option to other forms of heating – night storage, oil, LPG or solid fuel
  • The electric water heating system can be supplied to be compatible with solar panels on request
  • Provides wet central heating
  • No annual boiler maintenance
  • Maximises benefit of off-peak electricity tariffs
  • Easy to site
  • 99% efficient
  • No Gas Certification required
  • Solar and Solid Fuel options available
  • No requirement for gas or oil tanks

Optional Extras

  • High Efficiency Solar Coil
  • Solid Fuel Compatibility
  • Bespoke Designed Units
  • Sealed or Open Vented Heating
  • White Cased Finish Available
  • Alternative Heights, Diameters and Capacities
  • Remote Hot Water Boost Button
  • Up to 12kW models available
  • 7 Day Programmable Timeswitch
  • Compact & Easy to Use
  • Easily Integrated Control for Heating Pump and Room Thermostat
  • High Limit Safety Cut-Out
  • 2 Year Guarantee

The ELECTRAflow integrated heating and hot water thermal store, providing a wet central heating system for electric water heating, is available in a variety of sizes. For a guide to electric central heating boilers sizing and dimensions simply visit our sizing page. In addition to our standard sizes we offer a bespoke service creating tailored central heating units so you don’t need to compromise.

When contacting us to discuss which type of electric water heating system is most suitable for you, please specify the following:

  • Property Heat Load in kW
  • Number of Bathrooms / En-Suites
  • Proposed Electrical Tariff
  • Sealed or Open Vented Heating
  • Available Space
  • Any Options e.g. Solar, Solid Fuel etc.


ELECTRAflow: An energy efficient wet central heating system for all your electric water heating requirements. Electric central heating boiler solutions across the UK.

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Our focus is very much on the manufacture of copper hot water cylinders and tanks. Copper provides fantastic benefits including;

  • Ability to kill 99% of bacteria including Ecoli and legionella
  • One of the most efficient conductors of heat
  • Significantly more flexible for manufacturing than other materials
  • Long lifespan due to its amazing resistance to corrosion
  • 100% recyclable


For further information see our brochure The Ultimate Supermetal or visit our Copper Facts page.