Stainless steel unvented mains pressure system

McDonald Water Storage is synonymous with superior quality hot water cylinders and its STEELflow unvented mains pressure system is no exception.

Manufactured from premium grade duplex stainless steel, STEELflow  cylinders are produced with McDonald Water Storage uncompromising efficiency and quality standards.

STEELflow offers a range of high performance cylinders for those on a budget.

A range of high performance stainless steel cylinders for those on a budget.

  • High operating pressure
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant material 
  • Produced by the UK’s most experienced cylinder manufacturer
  • 25 year guarantee

Supplied With All Unvented Mains Pressure Systems

In addition to the above, all units are supplied with

  • 22mm Pressure Reducing Valve & Strainer
  • 22mm Check Valve
  • Expansion Vessel with Fixing Kit
  • 22mm Tee.
  • Indirects also supplied with 22mm 2 Port Motorised Zone Valve

Available As Options

  • Units can be twinned together for larger properties/higher water demand.

Technical Data

For a guide to sizing and dimensions simply visit our sizing page or to discuss your options just give us a call on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

All of our STEELflow cylinders come with a 25 year guarantee

STEELflow: Quality guaranteed stainless steel unvented mains pressure system from McDonald Water Storage.