Portable Emergency Hot Water System

The WHEELIflow is an electrically heated hot water store, providing emergency hot water for a property either during planned maintenance work or where the original hot water source has failed.

This copper lined offering has unique microbial properties for prevention against legionella. The store of water has 50mm insulation and is heated via a  3kW immersion heater, which is prefitted with 3 metres of cable and a plug. The immersion is factory set to 65 – 70 degrees centigrade.

Being open vented it is inherently safe, and therefore does not require any discharge pipework associated with unvented cylinders.

  • Emergency hot water supply
  • No discharge pipework
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and portable
  1. Position WHEELIflow next to bath.
  2. Connect cold hose to cold tap on bath using fittings.
  3. Position plastic hot draw pipe over the bath.
  4. Slowly turn on the cold tap
  5. When water starts to run out hot pipe, turn off tap.
  6. Plug in immersion heater and switch on.
  7. As the tank is heating water will run out of hot pipe, this is normal.
  8. After 1 hour, turn off the immersion heater
  9. Slowly open cold tap to a low flow rate and hot water will flow.
  10. When water runs cold, turn off cold tap.
  11. Repeat as required.

To drain the system, syphon off into the bath via the cold feed pipe supplied.