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McDonald Water Storage specialise in manufacturing superior quality Calorifiers to any size and capacity and to suit Vented and Unvented Installations and to feature renewable energy applications.

Our expert water heater engineers can advise on the optimum design whilst our advanced manufacturing approach can ensure even the most complex calorifier is supplied in just 2 weeks.

As part of our market leading calorifier solution, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 2 week delivery period on most calorifier projects – meaning you get the calorifier tank when you need it
  • Our commercial water heater manufacturing experience enables us to manufacture the most complex and technical calorifiers – so you know if it can be done, we will make it happen
  • All calorifiers are manufactured to meet BS853 and follow a BSI approved quality plan to ISO 9002 – meets all the required regulations and legislation for the strictest specifications
  • Our calorifiers deliver a superior level of quality, reliability and durability which is simply unrivalled in the industry – so no nasty shocks or return visits, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Our calorifiers are manufactured from copper, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria such as legionella and Ecoli, minimising any risk to public health
  • Bespoke Calorifier tank solution to suit Vented and Unvented Installations
  • Manufactured from Copper enhancing heat recovery process
  • Superior non-corrosive and anti-bacterial qualities to kill bacteria such as Legionella and Ecoli
  • All units can be manufactured to suit renewable energy, such as Solar or Heat Pumps
  • All tanks and commercial water heaters manufactured to BS853
  • Delivery in approximately 2 weeks from order
  • Galvanised Cladded Units and White cased units available

We offer a comprehensive range of calorifiers, including the following key solutions:

  • Vertical Calorifiers – mounted on steel or copper ring stand or legs as required
  • Horizontal Calorifiers – can be supplied with support cradles to suit
  • Direct Calorifiers – electrically heated by an Immersion Heater
  • Indirect Calorifiers – heated by Boiler, Heat Pump or similar
  • Buffer Vessels – providing additional storage for secondary or primary water
  • Marine Calorifiers – a wide range of calorifiers for boats with various options and sizes available, often with rapid availability
  • Renewables – all units can be manufactured to suit renewable input, such as Solar or Heat Pumps. Copper is the ideal material to maximise the gains from the lower temperatures often involved.

Have you ever wondered what is involved in manufacturing a commercial copper cylinder?

Check out our time lapse video


Want to get a better idea of how a typical calorifier looks with the various components and connections?

Check out our 3D interactive model below:

Most calorifier tanks that we manufacture are designed to the exact requirements of the project. Our technical sales team work with you to understand the demands of your commercial water heater requirements and the available space to optimise the capacity and dimensions. We can also help you to minimise the installation time and costs by positioning the connections to the most convenient location to reduce piping requirements.

Our skills, experience and manufacturing expertise have been used to manufacture some of the most complex and technical cylinders. Whether its sizing, multi-fuel applications or looking at ways to achieve the same capacity by using different solutions, our technical team are only too happy to help to ensure you get exactly what you want without compromising on any aspect of performance. 

With any Bespoke Calorifier, our technical sales team can help to design and deliver a commercial water heater solution which is optimised to your requirements, including:

  • Working Pressures
  • Diameters from 600mm to 1350mm
  • Connections – Any number available with heights to the mm and sizes from ½” to 4” 
  • Coil Recoveries – Recoveries from 15 Minutes to Multiple Hour Recoveries
  • Batteries – To suit a range of kW Inputs
  • Gauges – Pressure and Temperature Gauges to Top and Side Entry
  • De-stratification Pump
  • Inspection Manholes – 150mm to 450mm Diameter
  • Immersion Heaters – From 3kW to 24kW to suit back up and heavy duty purposes
  • Insulation – Up to 100mm Polyutherane Foam Lagging, White Casing or Galvanised Casing supplied fitted or loose for narrow access points
  • Anti-Vacuum Valves to Suit
  • Nitrogen Filled Expansion Vessels to Suit 
  • On Site Insulation

The growth in demand for Copper calorifiers is largely thanks to coppers’ enhanced thermal conductivity, as well as its excellent non-corrosive and anti-bacterial qualities. These are proven to be more effective at eradicating germs such as MRSA, E-coli and Legionella.

However, other materials are available on request.

Extras Available As Option

  • Thermal Insulation – Polyurethane Foam Lagging is most economical but Rockwool insulation with a Galvanised Steel case is also available for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Rapid Recovery – State the re-heat time required and what kW input is available and a Primary heater will be designed to suit.
  • Immersion Heaters – as standard supplied with 2¼” Immersion bosses and Immersions can be supplied with up to 18kW to fit these. Flanges can be fitted to take more highly rated Immersions, which we are also able to supply.  Control Panels are also available.
  • De-stratification Pumps – These can be fitted with the appropriate internal pipework to suit. These eliminate the risk of Legionella.
  • Inspection Openings – Allowing access for inspection or cleaning.
  • Gauges, safety valves, lifting lugs etc – A complete range of gauges and valves are available on request.
  • Plate Heat Exchangers – These can be linked to accomodate high peak demand. Click here for more information on Plate Heat Exchanger


For further information on the benefits of copper, see our brochure The Ultimate Supermetal or visit our Copper Facts page.

Indirect units can have either a Fixed Coil or a removable ‘U’ Tube Battery, both suitable for Water or Steam. Fixed Coil types are more economical and an access manhole can be added if access is required for maintenance.

Sizing and technical advice are readily available to ensure tank is supplied suitable for the capacity and pressure required. Design sketches are also available for individual projects.

We have an enviable position in the market for our ability to design, manufacture and supply some of the most complex and technical calorifier tanks thanks to our in-house expertise and our advanced machining capabilities.

We also carry a wide range of sheets, spinnings and other materials which helps us to provide a rapid delivery – often within one week.

Whether its sizing, multi-fuel applications or connections, our team are only too happy to help. This enables you to get exactly what your project requires without compromising on any aspect.

To discuss your requirements, simply contact us on 01592 611123.