Direct or Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

Direct or Indirect hot water cylinders relates to the way in which the cold water is heated inside the copper cylinder.

What is a Direct Hot Water Cylinder?

A direct hot water cylinder uses heat sources physically located in the cylinder, such as an electric immersion heater, to heat the water.

These heating systems tend to be located in premises where there is no access to gas, particularly upper level flats or apartments.

On occasion a direct hot water cylinder will feature two immersion heaters which will enable you to take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs and therefore minimise the overall running costs.

Direct cylinders have continued to advance over the years and McDonald Water Storage now offer the ELECTRAflow Electric Wet System, which can provide both hot water and heating using electric immersions all from one simple to use unit.

For Unvented Direct Cylinders, check out our POWERflow Unvented Cylinder range or click here for standard Open Vented Direct Cylinders.

What is an Indirect Hot Water Cylinder?

An indirect hot water cylinder typically uses an external energy source, such as a traditional central heating boiler or a solar thermal system, which is fed into the cylinder via a coil or heat exchanger which then ‘indirectly’ heats the hot water.

Many indirect hot water cylinders also come with an electric immersion heater to act as a back-up should the primary energy source fail or be unavailable. 

A direct or indirect hot water cylinder can be incorporated into vented and unvented cylinders depending on your project requirements.

For Unvented Indirect Hot Water Cylinders, check out our POWERflow Unvented Cylinders range or click here to view our range of Open Vented Indirect Hot Water Cylinders.

McDonald Water Storage Direct and Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

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