How A Thermal Store Maximises Eco Friendly Applications

Wind Turbines

Momentum is growing with the implementation of renewable energy technologies and utilisation of greener electricity for eco friendly hot water cylinder installation solutions. However, the real challenge for home owners and landlords is to harness the green energy being created, store it effectively and then deliver it as and when required. So, as we see an increase in demand for systems such as air source and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal or solar PV, the secret for the Heating and Plumbing industry will be to create a highly efficient solution which stores energy when it can be generated, and utilised when it is needed!

The perfect solution is a Thermal Store which is able to store energy from multiple fuel sources and safely stores for when it is required.

Unlike traditional hot water cylinders such as unvented cylinders, which draw off the hot water stored in the cylinder, thermal stores use innovative heat exchanger technology which allows mains pressure cold water to be instantaneously heated from the stored water and then supplied to your taps and showers. In addition your heating can also be taken from the Thermal Store, dependant on model, maximising the benefit from the renewable technologies even further.

The thermal store solution enables energy storage during the day when renewables are optimised, allowing hot water and heating to be delivered in the evening as required, for example, solar energy generated during the day can be stored and used to meet the hot water and heating demand in the evening. Thermal stores can also enable energy demand to be met by renewable energy throughout the year by incorporating multiple sources and managing them seamlessly.

In electric only apartments, historically they were restricted to either standard electricity rates or cheap rate off-peak periods with higher daytime rates and the “go to” heating provision being overnight storage heaters.

With these situations in mind, electric providers are working towards greener electricity generation in the UK, with more being produced from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. This means when wind and solar generation are at their peak, not only is the carbon intensity reduced but also wholesale electricity costs are at their lowest, making it the best possible time to store energy at home, for use at other times during the day.

This has led to the emergence of flexible tariffs, such as Octopus Agile, which provide another alternative through dynamic pricing, enabling you to use electricity when the cost is lowest at any time during the day or night. Thermal stores such as the ELECTRAstore, utilise these flexible tariffs in all electric apartments as a cost-effective eco-friendly solution to provide electric central heating and domestic hot water.

With the ability to monitor, regulate and manage the amount of energy delivered into the thermal store through its IOT system, it can select the cheapest eco-friendly flexible tariff period to heat the store to meet the homeowners’ requirements throughout the day.

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