Economy 7 Cylinder with Twin Immersions

Our twin immersion cylinders (formerly known as Maxistore 7 or Economy 7 cylinders) have been specifically designed to suit ‘Off Peak’ Electric Tariffs, including Economy 7.

Twin Immersion cylinders are available in Direct or Indirect Pattern in all grades and sizes.

The twin immersion cylinders feature as standard:

  • Cold Feed Baffles
  • 2 Side Entry Immersion Heater Bosses
  • Double Thickness Insulation 

Standard Twin Immersion Cylinder Sizes:

Electricity Association DesignationBritish Standard type ReferenceCapacity Litres
BS 1566 (Direct)BS 1566 (Indirect)
Standard 9E210206

The specification also covers direct copper combination units which incorporate hot water storage capacities of 120, 144 and 210 litres.

Extras Available As Option

Low Watts Density Incoloy Immersion Heaters can be factory fitted for quiet operation.

Our twin cylinders are suitable for Economy 7 tariffs. To discuss your requirements, simply simply contact us on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

Twin Immersion Cylinders: Off-peak electric tariffs for Economy 7 and other low cost heating systems.