Thermal Store Installation

The below is a recommended guide of actions and checks that should be undertaken during the commissioning of an Open Vented Thermal Store :-


  • Fit an Overflow to the thermal store system.
  • Check the incoming mains water pressure, if it exceeds 3.0 bar, fit a Pressure Reducing valve set at a lower pressure where the cold supply enters the property.
  • Ensure that connections are fitted in accordance with the sketch supplied.
  • Fill the Feed & Expansion Tank manually or adjust ball valve so water is at lowest level.
  • Restrict the ball valve fill to allow for the overflow to cope in event of failure.
  • Ensure sufficient clearance above the Feed & Expansion Tank to allow for access.
  • Ensure that 500mm height difference is in place between the highest point of the radiator circuit and the bottom of the Feed & Expansion Tank.
  • Ensure that all exposed pipework is insulated to minimalise any heat losses.
  • Check the boiler pump setting is set as high as possible without emitting excessive noise to prevent a boiler temperature differential of greater than 11°C.
  • Leave on the power after the thermal store has been filled to prevent the central heating and boiler pump from sticking.


  • Use a combined feed and vent.
  • Use tube smaller than 28mm between boiler and THERMflow if the boiler exceeds an output of 60,000 Btu (17kW) output.
  • Place any clothing or other combustible materials against or on the THERMflow.

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