Common Hot Water Problems in Social Housing

With over 70 years’ experience in the industry, McDonald Water Storage has built its success on helping our customers solve hot water storage problems in Social Housing.

One of the most effective solutions is the use of Thermal Stores. To help demonstrate its effectiveness, we have provided a quick ready reckoner of common hot water problems faced in Social Housing and how a Thermal Store can be used to overcome these challenges.

Servicing Cold Water Tanks

A Thermal Store will negate the requirement for cold water tanks which are sometimes difficult to service and can become a Legionella risk

Poor Water Pressure

Our Thermal Store will provide mains pressure hot water for baths and showers without the need for water tanks and pressurised systems

Can’t Install Unvented Cylinder Due to Discharge Pipework

The Thermal Store is vented and so doesn’t require P&T and discharge pipework

Tight Space Constraints

Our manufacturing capability means we can make any shape or size, including a cube which will use 25% less space

Concerns Over Legionella Risk Management

Because the hot water is produced instantaneously, we are not storing the water which comes through taps and showers

Concerns Over Scald Protection 

The unit has a blending valve fitted which means, on commissioning, it can be set to 55 degrees or less

Issues with Using Central Boiler or District Heating

A Thermal Store can buffer the load and so reduce the boiler size requirement, pipework sizing and run more efficiently as well as providing heating and hot water in small apartments

Problems with Access to Tenants Properties For Maintenance

Our Thermal Stores require virtually zero maintenance which means there is no requirement for ongoing maintenance with a manual fill

If you have an issue with Hot Water Storage in your Social Housing Properties, talk to McDonald Water Storage – the Hot Water Problem Solvers