Replacements for Rolyat Spa Rectangular Combination Hot Water Tanks

McDonald Water Storage can manufacture and supply replacement for the full range of Rolyat Spa Rectangular Combination hot water tanks using their CUBEflow rectangular units.

The Rolyat Spa Rectangular Combination tanks were manufactured by IMI Range and included the following models:

Rolyat Cheltenham Super Seven – Electric Direct Combination for off-peak electricity
Rolyat Cheltenham Type RR1 – Direct Combination
Rolyat Tewkesbury Type RR3 – Indirect Combination with indirect coil (requires separate feed and expansion tank to service primary system)
Rolyat Harrogate Type RR4 – Indirect Combination with indirect coil (incorporates feed and expansion tank)
Rolyat Leamington Type RR5 – Self contained indirect combination tank – contact us for options available
Rolyat Dunblane Type RC 10 – Self contained indirect pattern with indirect coil. Cold section comprises of two independent feed and expansion tanks complete with separate ball- valves and overflows. Primary feed and vent connecting pipes were fitted by the installer to suit the pump circuit design
Rolyat RX Dual Pattern Unit RX500 – A combination tank with 115 litres of hot water storage and 115 litres of cold water storage in a very compact unit.

McDonald Water Storage’s CUBEFLOW can be designed and manufactured to suit the available floor space and capacity required.

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