Replacement Thermal Stores for Discontinued Models

The thermal store approach to hot water was introduced in the early 1990s and has grown to become the preferred solution for projects which feature solid fuel, multiple fuel sources or where clients are looking to achieve mains pressure water with virtually zero maintenance.

However, with many units reaching the 25 years mark, we are now seeing a growing market for replacement thermal stores for other manufacturers units which are starting to experience issues.

See what makes our THERMflow thermal store, one of the most reliable thermal stores on the market.

However, as you would expect in such a period, many of the original thermal store models are no longer manufactured and sadly, many manufacturers are no longer in existence.

This can often be challenging for clients, installers and merchants as they attempt to find a replacement which meets their requirement and causes minimum hassle to install.

Thankfully, McDonald Water Storage UK’s flexible manufacturing approach enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to such challenges to then be able to manufacture and supply replacement hot water cylinders including thermal stores.

Our ability to work with photos, drawings and onsite measurements together with our extensive knowledge of the thermal store market enables our design team to develop a technical drawing and specification which provides a like for like replacement.

Once approved, our manufacturing team will use a combination of advanced manufacturing technology and highly skilled craftsmen to ensure your cylinder is sized perfectly with the right specification of coil and all the connections are in the exact location of your existing system.

And best of all, the whole process can be completed in as little as 24 hours – enabling you to get your system up and running in next to no time, with minimum fuss and a simple installation – all without major amendments to the existing pipework.

Examples of Models of Discontinued Thermal Stores which we have been asked to manufacture replacement units for, include:

Albion Cylinders Thermal Store

  • Albion Cylinders Mainsflow Thermal Store

Elson Thermal Stores

  • Elson Coral E Thermal Store
  • Elson Coral Si Thermal Store
  • Elson Coral CBSi Thermal Store

Gledhill Thermal Stores

  • Gledhill Boilermate 2 Thermal Store
  • Gledhill Boilermate 3 Thermal Store
  • Gledhill Boilermate 2000 Thermal Store
  • Gledhill Boilermate A Class OV Thermal Store
  • Gledhill Boilermate A Class ST Thermal Store
  • Gledhill Electramate Thermal Store

RM Cylinders Thermal Stores

  • RM CylindersThermal Store – Flowtherm

To find out more and to discuss your requirements, contact our technical sales team on 01592 611123.

McDonald Water Storage – the UK’s specialist for like for like replacement thermal stores including Albion Mainsflow Thermal Stores, Gledhill Thermal Stores, RM Cylinders Thermal Store, Elson Thermal Stores.