How Much Does a Hot Water Cylinder Cost?

If you are replacing your hot water cylinder or considering a new cylinder, one of the most frequently asked questions, is how much do they cost.

There are a number of factors which influence the hot water cylinder price, however, there are 3 key factors which you need to take into consideration:

  1. The initial purchase price of the hot water cylinder
  2. The installation cost of the hot water cylinder
  3. The lifetime cost of the cylinder including energy consumption and maintenance

Initial Purchase Price of the Hot Water Cylinder

Much like when buying a car, hot water cylinders can vary greatly in terms of the technology they use and the complexity in design which will ultimately impact on performance and reliability.

So, when you are considering the price of the hot water cylinder, the following factors will impact the cost you are likely to pay.

  • Size and capacity of cylinder
  • Type of cylinder
  • Construction materials, stainless steel or copper
  • Grade/thickness of material
  • Number of coils
  • Specification of coils, i.e., coil length, speed of heating up cylinder
  • Number of connections
  • Number of immersions
  • Valves and gauges as required


But be careful when you are comparing cylinder prices to ensure they are on a like for like basis. Many companies try to make their cylinders appear cheaper by not supplying all of the necessary valves and quoting them as extras or use thinner materials to save on costs.

Installation Costs of the Hot Water Cylinder

Installing a hot water cylinder will obviously vary depending on the complexity of the project and from region to region. However, there are ways of reducing installation costs, particularly when it comes to replacing hot water cylinders.

Positioning all of the connections all on one face can often mean the connections are much easier to access and will greatly reduce the installation time and number of fittings required.

Indeed it is possible when replacing and old cylinder to ensure all of the connections on the new cylinder are in the exact position of the existing cylinder, requiring little or no change to the existing pipework.

Annual Running Costs of the Hot Water Cylinder

When you buy a hot water cylinder, you expect it to last for years to come (we have seen our cylinders continue to perform for over 60 years) so it is vital the annual running costs are understood.  The key factors that will impact the lifetime running costs of your hot water cylinder include:

  • Fuel sources being used
  • Heat transfer properties of the coil
  • Heat loss of the hot water cylinder
  • Servicing costs of the hot water cylinder
  • So, for example, if a cylinder is £50 cheaper to buy but will cost an extra £20 per year in energy and servicing, it’s not going to take long for the supposed cheaper option to cost more.
  • If your heat source is for example a heat pump – if you have the wrong coil, then this will be very inefficient and lead to higher running costs and possible system problems.