Hot Water Cylinder Replacement Transforms Space and Increases Capacity


McDonald Water Storage has worked in conjunction with a specialist plumbing and heating engineer in London to replace a traditional 150 litre vented hot water cylinder with a space saving thermal store which would dramatically improve the space utilisation and increase hot water capacity.

The home-owner had originally been looking to achieve mains pressure hot water and increase the capacity to reflect the demands of the property whilst freeing up space in the existing cupboard.

The plumbing and heating engineer had recommended the thermal store approach. Not only would this require virtually zero ongoing maintenance but it would also deliver the mains pressure required while avoiding the need for G3 discharge pipework demanded by an unvented hot water cylinder.

After discussing the project with McDonald Water Storage’s technical team, we proposed our CUBEFLOW Coral E thermal store which delivers a 300litre storage capacity in 27% less space than the traditional cylinder approach.

The Rectangular Electric CUBEFLOW which measured 640mm deep x 640 mm wide and 1285mm in height was supplied with a white cased finish and heated by two 3kW immersions.

McDonald Water Storage’s Technical Sales Advisor, Tiff Robb, explained, “The home-owner had originally asked to increase their 210 litre cylinder to a 400 litre cylinder, however, the superior efficiency and heat transfer process used in of our 300 litre thermal store can actually achieve about one and half times the stored water capacity.”
She continued, “Whilst we could have provided the 400 litre as originally requested, the home owner wasn’t aware this would result in increased running costs and longer heat recovery times, which could be problematic.”

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