Heat Pump Ready Programme Supports Development And Trials Of Innovative Solutions

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The heat pump ready programme supports the deployment of heat pumps through both development and trials of innovative solutions and methodologies to optimise the deployment of domestic heat pumps in the UK.

The fossil fuels used in our homes for heating, hot water and cooking make up more than a fifth of the UK’s carbon emissions, meaning low-carbon alternatives are critical if the UK hopes to meet its climate targets. Heat pumps are seen as one of the solutions available to homeowners to reduce the carbon footprint of the home.

A recent report issued by The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) provided an update on the Stream 1 Phase 1 of the programme, highlighting that a total of £2,055,202 had been awarded to 11 projects across Great Britain. This programme, through the high-density deployment of heat pumps, aims to increase innovation and learning about the implications across:

  • the local energy network
  • the supply chains
  • the approaches used to engage with consumers


BEIS advised that stream 1 projects’ innovative methodologies should provide:

  • an improved consumer journey: a complete, ‘hassle free’ journey for the consumer
  • a cost reduction for consumers: through the coordinated provision of heat pump deployment to a high-density of buildings in a single area
  • an opportunity to understand the network impacts of high-density heat pump deployment: through the engagement with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in parallel to the high-density deployment and opportunity to provide flexibility using multiple heat pump installations in a given area


The implementation of heat pumps will ultimately:

  • Contribute to reducing energy bills, moving away from the reliance of gas, oil and electric heating and the volatile prices associated with them.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint and combat climate change, with heat pumps being significantly more efficient than traditional boilers and use cleaner electricity, so will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Get ahead of the curve with heat pumps being an important part of the future of heating, and installing one now will give you access to the latest technology and allow you to future proof your home.


Click here to see full report and the list of projects included in phase 1.

It is important to remember that with all heat pump installations, it is essential that a specifically designed heat pump cylinder is used to maximise the lower temperatures delivered by a heat pump and maximise the heat transfer to the water held within the cylinder.

A standard indirect cylinder will not work as efficiently with the heat pump input as the heat exchanger is simply not large enough, or designed correctly, to extract sufficient heat from the lower temperatures supplied. This was highlighted during recent tests, where it was shown that a cylinder with the specially designed heat pump coil reduced the heat up time by more than 30% compared to a standard indirect coil.

The internal coil design in a heat pump cylinder differs from an indirect or solar cylinder, with most heat pump cylinders incorporating either a double or triple pass coil. What is critical is that the purpose designed heat exchanger provides optimised heat exchange, low pressure drop and allows higher flow rates to allow to heat pump to perform to its most efficient. This multiple pass coil design has been shown in recent tests, to provide 75% extra reheat performance compared to a standard indirect coil.

Click here to see our range of unvented cylinder solutions specifically designed for heat pump installations.

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