COPPERtouch Surface Protection Installed At Acorn Day Nursery

Acorn Day Nursery

As we emerge from the COVID 19 outbreak and slowly return to the ‘new normal’, prevention of further contamination is paramount to all business owners. This is certainly the case at the Acorn Day Nursery in St. Andrews, where one of the many measures that have implemented to keep everyone safe and healthy when they return, has been the fitting of the copper push plates from our COPPERtouch range of surface protection products.

Protection of their staff, children and visitors has never been more important than today. With this in mind, they fitted the copper doorplates, as it is widely recognised that copper contains fantastic properties to kill and prevent bacteria growth. In fact, did you know that 99% of the bacterial population introduced into a copper plumbing system, will disappear in under five hours. Our antimicrobial copper surface protectors are an innovative weapon in the fight against cross infection.

In addition to the copper push plates on the doors, brass handles were also added where the doors are pulled to open, with both copper and brass being excellent at killing COVID 19 bugs.

For further information on the COPPERtouch range of products see our brochure.

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