Why We Make Vented Cylinders to BS1566 and NOT just to Part L of the Building Regulations

McDonald Water Storage are now the ONLY Company in the UK, who manufacture all their Vented cylinders to BS1566.

It’s a massive change in approach from the rest of the industry who largely manufacture to Part L of the Building Regulations, to produce lower grade vented cylinders, which are purely designed and manufactured to meet the minimum standards required.  While thankfully not all have been dragged entirely down the Part L route, there are no other manufacturers in the UK who make all their Vented cylinders to BS1566.

By ensuring our vented cylinders achieve the status, we are providing units which adhere to strict quality standards regarding every aspect of the manufacturing process from the thickness of copper material for the base and shell, to the length of coil in the cylinder.

This means that every vented cylinder which leaves our factory, is of a superior quality, more durable and more reliable than those which do not carry the Kitemark and are only made to part L.

So why do we go the extra mile?

Quite simply, we believe in manufacturing the best copper hot water cylinder for our customers. Cylinders which are built to last and are guaranteed to perform to the highest level for their entire life span.

That is why we are able to provide a 12 year warranty on all of our vented cylinders.

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