Replacement IMI Range Fortic Combination Units

McDonald Water Storage can manufacture and supply a direct replacement for the IMI Range Fortic Combination hot water tanks using either their CUBEflow rectangular units or cylindrical combination cylinders.

The Fortic Combination Units were successfully manufactured by IMI Range for a number of years and were designed to be able to integrate a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder into a single compact unit manufactured from copper.

They were originally designed to achieve an adequate level of hot water within a confined space and were widely used in new builds as well as the modernisation of older properties.

The Fortic Combination units were available in 4 designs:

  • Super Seven Cylinder – For electrically heated off-peak tariff
  • Type F Hot Water Cylinder – Hot water cylinder heated either by boiler or electric
  • Type FOA – Oval Hot Water Tank – Shell measuring 305mm deep x 660mm wide
  • Type FO – Oval Hot Water Tank – Shell measuring 400mm deep x 660mm wide

All of the Fortic Combination units were manufactured from premium grade copper cylinders for optimum performance and durability.

The Fortic Oval Hot Water Tanks were seen as a major strength by many housing associations and social landlords due to their ability to achieve a larger capacity in a reduced space. They were however discontinued by IMI Range and are not available from any other manufacturer. This is where our CUBEflow provides a replacement that will provide the hot water capacity but also fit in the restricted footprint.

McDonald Water Storage CUBEFLOW – Fortic Combination Replacements Type FOA and Type FO

The McDonald Water Storage CUBEFLOW range was originally designed to provide like for like replacements for the Elson rectangular tanks, however their space saving design make them ideal solutions for the Fortic Combination oval tanks.

The CUBEFLOW can be designed and manufactured to suit the available floor space and capacity required.

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McDonald Water Storage Macmatic – Fortic Combination Replacements Type F Single Feed Indirect Replacements

McDonald Water Storage can also provide replacements for the Fortic Type F Single Feed Indirect Cylinders with their Macmatic Combination Cylinder.

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