Replacement Thermal Stores

McDonald Water Storage is the only hot water cylinder company in the UK to specialise in manufacturing exact, like for like replacements for any copper thermal stores.

With many manufacturers changing their product range, discontinuing thermal storage or pushing alternatives such as stainless steel with completely different connection layouts, we have seen a steady rise in enquiries from installers and homeowners for ranges who would prefer a direct replacement for their existing thermal stores, such as Elson Coral E, Gledhill PulsaCoil and Albion Mainsflow.

Having a suitable replacement enables you to minimise disruption as well as reduce the installation times and associated costs required by amending pipework to suit the new connections. Our flexible manufacturing process has been custom designed to deliver like for like replacement units within a matter of days.

And with our commitment to manufacturing high quality hot water storage solution, you can be assured that the replacement thermal store, we provide delivers superior thermal transfer properties and incorporates the right levels of insulation.

What Do We Need to Make Your Replacement Thermal Store?

With extensive industry experience, our team can help determine what you have and ensure the replacement thermal store meets your exact needs. All we need is:

  • Photos of install and all connections
  • Photo of data sticker
  • Dimensions of cylinder (height and diameter)
  • Primary heat source

Which Makes of Thermal Stores Can We Provide Replacements For?

McDonald Water Storage’s unique approach to manufacturing hot water cylinders enables us to manufacture replacements for virtually any make or model of thermal stores.

Replacement for all Copper Gledhill Thermal Stores

Click on the required model to see which range will meet your replacement requirement, or can be bespoke manufactured to suit the specific specification;

Replacement Albion Mainsflow Thermal Stores

The THERMflow thermal store range provides the perfect replacement solution for Albion Mainsflow products. Click here for more information or contact us now on 01592 611123.

Elson Thermal Store Replacements

The CUBEflow thermal store range enables homeowners to replace original Elson Coral E and Coral Si models on a like for like basis. Click here for more information or contact us now on 01592 611123.

Alternative Replacement Thermal Stores

For more information on the replacement solution for Flowmax Fortic Thermal Store, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

McDonald Water Storage – the UK’s specialist for like for like replacement thermal stores including Albion Mainsflow Thermal Stores, Gledhill Thermal Stores, RM Cylinders Thermal Store, Elson Thermal Stores.

Contact us now on 01592 611123 to discuss any queries or projects you may be working on.

MULTIflow thermal store
THERMflow thermal store
CUBEflow thermal store