Rectangular Hot Water Tank Models

Our CUBEflow rectangular hot water storage tanks are available in a variety of models.

Offering flexibility, our hot water tanks can be designed to fit the space available. CUBEflow saves room and requires 27% less space than a regular cylinder – perfect for freeing up space for other uses. Less surface area means reduced heat loss. What’s more, CUBEflow rectangular water tanks are low maintenance. There is no need for an annual service.

We have been producing energy efficient hot water tanks for over 70 years. Copper is our material of choice. More efficient than stainless steel, it has greater effectiveness at transferring heat from the primary coil to domestic water. As a natural biocide, it has unrivalled bacteria killing properties. A 100% recyclable, copper is a proven material for water storage.

Discover our range of rectangular hot water tanks.  

CUBEflow: Rectangular hot water storage tanks made from energy efficient copper. 

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