Combination Cylinders

Compact and Convenient our combination cylinders will suit a variety of requirements. Made from energy efficient copper, they are built to last. Our combination cylinders  are available in:
  • Direct pattern
  • Indirect- An integral primary feed and expansion tank may be fitted to the Indirect if required
  • MACMATIC single feed indirect
All combination cylinders are supplied complete with an aluminium lid. The below sizes represent only a part of our range. Alternative sizes can easily be made on request. MANUFACTURED TO BS 3198 : 1981
Height x Diameter Capacity Hot/Cold
750 x 450 mm 65 litres / 20 litres
900 x 450 mm 85 litres / 20 litres
1050 x 450 mm 110 litres / 20 litres
1200 x 450 mm 135 litres / 20 litres
1400 x 450 mm To Maxistore 7 Spec. 144 litres / 40 litres
1850 x 450 mm To Maxistore 7 Spec 210 litres / 40 litres
Available in up to 600mm. diameter.
Whether you are looking for combination cylinders for a large contract or one-off project, our technical sales team will be able to guide you through the options available. Contact us today for further information on Tel: 01592 611123. Combination Cylinders: Direct, Indirect or Macmatic systems available from McDonald Water Storage.