Solar Cylinders for Hot Water

Our Solar cylinders have a high efficiency Copper Solar Coil, fitted in the base of the cylinder. Water heated by the sun in the Solar Panels, is pumped through this copper coil, indirectly transferring heat into the domestic hot water. The benefits are tangible! Hot water supplied by a sustainable natural resource. Water temperature can be topped up if required by the normal method of Boiler or Immersion Heater.

Our Solar Cylinder range enables hot water to be supplied by a sustainable natural resource

  • Are manufactured using over 40 years of solar cylinder knowledge and experience
  • Incorporate a highly efficient Copper Solar Coil
  • Can be individually made to suit your exact requirements
  • Compliant for grants
  • Use grade 2 Copper as minimum
  • Zero ODP foam insulation
  • Our high efficiency Copper Coils, provide the most efficient and best way to maximise the benefits from solar power
  • Copper is seven times better a conductor than stainless steel
  • Sustainable – 100% recyclable, which benefits the environment
  • High Efficiency solar coil to suit panels
  • Solar probe pockets
  • Boiler coil or immersions as required
  • Grade 2 copper 
  • Zero ODP foam insulation
  • Cold feed baffle
  • Any size available
  • Thermal Stores, Unvented and Calorifiers
  • Units suitable for underfloor heating link
  • Compression Connections
  • Horizontal Cylinders
  • White Cased Finish
  • Pre-plumbed SOLARsave units

For a guide to solar cylinder sizing and dimensions simply visit our sizing page. In addition to our standard solar cylinder sizes we offer a bespoke service creating tailored units. To discuss your options just contact us on 01592 611123 or contact us online.