CUBEflow Thermal Store Solution Improved Hot Water Pressure For Residents

CUBEflow Wesley Court

The CUBEflow Thermal Store solution improved hot water pressure for residents, with the perfect replacement solution for an original combination cylinder.


As part of a major refurbishment project at a Great Places Housing Group development, one of the main objectives was to improve the efficiency and performance of the hot water supply.


The Great Places had explored a number of options for improvements to the hot water supply within the properties at Wesley Court. Initially an unvented cylinder was seen to provide the solution, but following inspection of the properties by Moffat & Riley with McDonald Water Storage, it was quickly discounted due to being impossible to install the discharge pipework to comply with G3 of the building regulations necessary for the unvented option. This is a common problem in retrofit situations where the previous hot water unit was an open vented unit and only requiring an overflow.

A thermal store was therefore specified, with the ability to provide mains pressure hot water without the requirement for discharge pipework or on-going annual maintenance and the perfect alternative to an unvented unit.

In addition, the cupboard spaces were quite restricted with the existing units taking up the majority of the available storage space. So rather than installing a cylinder, Great Places Housing Group selected the CUBEflow tank which took up 27% less space within the cupboard and was designed to fit the available space. This unique design allowed for some of the storage space to be freed up for the residents.

A big tick in the box for the end users and housing association is the thermal stores’ ability to generate the mains pressure hot water, by passing the mains cold water through the highly efficient internal coil. This ultimately means the hot water is produced instantaneously and not stored, therefore zero risk of legionella.


Alastair Moffat, Moffat & Riley Heating Services

“The CUBEflow Thermal Store is a great piece of kit and proved to be a great solution being designed and manufactured to suit the available space”.

“The feedback has been extremely good from the client, so I’m sure the Housing Association will continue using these units when the opportunity arises”.

Catherine Reynolds, Neighbourhood Services Manager, Great Places Housing Group

“Following the recent installations of the water storage tanks at Wesley Court, all the residents I have spoken to have been very complimentary about the new system”.

“They say that the water pressure is much better and the water stays hot enough to run a decent bath. There is also more storage space for residents, so we have some very happy customers”.

Kathy Haigh, Resident

“The new units are immense, with the added benefit of taking up less space than previously – 100% better”.

“We used to turn the hot tap on for a bath, but due to the low water pressure, the bath would be cold before it had finished running. Now it is amazing, the force of the water means I can finally enjoy a hot bath!”.

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