CPD Sessions

McDonald Water Storage is delighted to offer a range of our own CPD Seminars, which have been designed to provide architects and specifiers with an insight into how hot water systems work in practice, the wide range of systems available and the advanced techniques used to ensure your system delivers exactly what you want to achieve.

As well as covering the core topic, each seminar also includes a detailed look at the reasons for using copper as the core material in hot water cylinders together with advice on sizing cylinders based on the project.

Each seminar is designed to last approximately 1 hour with additional time for question and answer sessions, however we are delighted to customise sessions dependent on your specific requirements.

CPD Seminar 1: Unvented Cylinder Systems

Unvented cylinders are one of the most common types of hot water system.
This CPD session looks at the reasons why unvented cylinders are so popular, the differences between direct and indirect systems as well as explaining exactly how an Unvented Cylinder system is designed. It also looks at how they can be used with renewable energy sources.
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CPD Seminar 2: Thermal Stores

More and more projects are featuring Thermal Stores, thank in no small part to the growing demand for multiple fuel sources whilst continuing to deliver mains pressure.
In this session we look at the types of thermal stores available, the benefits of thermal stores over other system, the components of a thermal store, together with range of options available and how a thermal source optimises the energy consumption through multiple fuel sources and renewable energy.
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CPD Seminar 3: Electric Wet Heating Systems

A firm favourite in social housing and remote areas, Electric Wet Heating combines an electric boiler with the storage cylinder.
This session looks at the advantages of electric wet systems, how to design Electric Wet systems, the types of Electric Wet and how to include solar energy into the system.
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CPD Seminar 4: Solar & Renewable Installations

The growth in renewable energy is undeniable and in this session we provide an overview of solar thermal energy and how to incorporate solar hot water cylinders into your project with case studies and examples to illustrate the benefits. The session also covers the range of cylinders that can incorporate solar thermal technology and renewable energy together with the advantages and disadvantages of each system.
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